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Sunday, January 17, 2010

duchess i need my light table

a patchwork teddy bear reads from the green storybook 'The Hobbit' as his black velvet unicorn friend reads over his shoulder

the first of two in 'The Hobbit' illustration series

detailed black india ink calligraphy atop acrylic watercolour washes and fine ink edgings with acrylic drybrush highlighting for detail

image is a full 7 inches across and 5 inches tall,
art board size is 10 inches acroos and 8 inches tall

this original art piece has never been displayed and has been stored in an archival photobox. this piece has been in the artist's private collection

this original work is offered for sale from Puddles of Ink Gallery

princess of paper and pen

its a gray bunny and a chocolate teddy bear with a favorite excerpt of mine from a storybook called 'The Hobbit'

using sepia coloured and black india ink with acrylic watercolor washes finished with drybrush highlights

this work measures 8 inches across and 10 inches tall, the image area is a full 5 inches across by 7 inches tall

the layout and detailing were completed in about 30 hours

this work has been displayed in one gallery show, The Candystick Gallery in Ferndale, California

This piece is offered for sale from Puddles of Ink Gallery